Trademark Law Firm

Shakespeare said famously “what’s in a name,” but if you ask a trademark lawyer he’ll tell you there’s one hell of a lot in one. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a major manufacturer of athletic footwear by a name other than Nike may not be indexed on the New York Stock Exchange. Trademarks identify the source of goods in trade, and have come to be an indicator of quality. As such, a registered trademark can be a valuable business asset. The experienced trademark attorney at Mutchler Legal LLC can help you protect your business’s goodwill by securing a strong trademark designed to stand in court if challenged.

Flat Rate Trademark Applications ($849.00, no hidden fees)

Need help filing a trademark? Our trademark lawyer can help. We offer Federal trademark filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a flat fee of $849.00 (and unlike a lot of other law firms, that’s all you pay us – there are no hidden fees beyond that for filing!). How do you file a trademark with the USPTO? You are more than welcome to find out on their website, here.

Attorney Analysis of Your Potential Mark ($249.00)

Not sure if your mark is worth registering? Maybe you plan on registering it yourself to save a few bucks, but want to know what problems you may run into. Or maybe you tried to file on your own but the United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected your mark, so you are back to square one and need help figuring out what went wrong. Whatever your unique situation, we have a solution. Our trademark lawyer will review your mark and give you feedback on what to expect if you file it, and what (if anything) could be done to improve your odds of Federal registration.