The Law For Laymen

They say that ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it (that’s actually a rule – you can absolutely be charged with a crime you didn’t know you were committing, or sued for something you didn’t know was wrong), but when you get a ticket that says “Violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 14-219,” it doesn’t seem fair that this is the case. Law is its own language (that’s why they call it “legalese”), and even who people spend three years in school to learn it struggle have trouble demonstrating sufficient knowledge to practice it (the pass rate for the most recent Connecticut Bar Exam was only 40%!). Add to that climbing hourly rates attorneys charge, and the whole American legal system begins to look like a problem.

We Provide You With The Resources To Understand The Law, For Free

Whether or not you should hire a lawyer for that “Violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 14-219” ticket is a decision only you can make, so make it a well informed one. Mutchler Legal provides you the resources to learn enough about the law that you feel comfortable in your decision. For instance, you can learn that Conn. Gen. Stat. § 14-219 refers to the Connecticut speeding statute, and that a “statute” is another word for a law. You can learn the potential consequences of being charged with a violation of the statute, as well as what your options for resolution of the charge. You can learn how you will be required to respond to the charge, and what you should expect throughout the resolution process. If you decide to hire a lawyer, you can be confident that you’ve made the right decision in doing so.

Learn How To Find A Lawyer

There is a lot to learn in law. Lawyers dedicate their entire careers to relatively small legal areas, and most of them will tell you if you ask that even after forty plus years of experience that they still don’t know it all. What does that mean for people looking to find a lawyer? You need to know what kind of lawyer can help you. A DUI lawyer is going to be very different than a medical malpractice lawyer, and both of those guys are probably going to have trouble doing things that are easy for a business lawyer.

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