10-q Filing

What is a 10-q Filing?

Good question. Much like its cousin, the 10-k Filing, a Form 10-qis a Federally mandated filing through which publicly traded companies are required to make certain disclosures to the public. Form 10-q is a quarterly filing, which means that it must be submitted three times per year (technically four times, but the fourth time it is replaced by the more comprehensive 10-k – see below).

10-q Filing vs. 10-k Filing

Although Form 10-q and Form 10-k require similar disclosures to be made, as might be expected from the frequency of its mandated submission (relative to that of Form 10-k), the former is less comprehensive. For instance, whereas Form 10-k requires audited financial statements for publicly traded companies, Form 10-q requires “only” unaudited financial statements.

What’s in it?

Lots of stuff. Really. There’s too much to list it all. You can take a peak at the SEC’s “General Instructions” online here (the “General Instructions” are seven pages long, if that gives you an idea). Similarly to Form 10-k, Form 10-q includes a listing of risk factors, a disclosure of legal proceedings in which the company is involved, and a financial report.

How Do You Read a Form 10-q?

If you’re looking to learn how to read 10-q filings for the purpose of assessing personal investment opportunities, this is one of those things that’s probably best to learn by just jumping in. Find one filed by a reputable public company (e.g., on EDGAR), and dive in. Any term you don’t understand, look it up. If you want to get a better idea of what one looks like, here is a link to an example.

If you’re a lawyer who’s been tasked with preparing one of these on your own and you’re using this website to learn for the first time about the filing… well, that’s a real problem. This link may be more helpful to you.

Got A Form 10-q Question?

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