Articles of Incorporation

What Are Articles of Incorporation?

Articles of Incorporation are documents (“articles”) that establish the existence of a company (“incorporation”).

Why Are Articles of Incorporation Important?

Probably first and foremost, articles of incorporation are important because they are required by law. The contents of articles of incorporation are important to identify certain aspects of corporate entities. The specific of these contents are, again, mandated by law. The purpose of this (bureaucratic) legal requirement is to provide a uniform system through which information regarding any particular company can quickly and easily be found (at least by those familiar with it).

Who Is Required to Have Articles of Incorporation?

The overwhelming majority of corporate entities in the United States are required to have some form or variant of articles of incorporation. Although sometimes known by different names based on location or type of corporate entity, it is more of a rare exception when no such filings are required of a company.

What Happens If You Don’t File Articles of Incorporation?

Again, like with most matters in law, it depends. Why didn’t you file them? Did you know you needed to? How long ago should you have filed them? How large is your business? Did you try to file them and fail due to a technical error? Is there now a legal issue because you didn’t file them? This question is one to ask your lawyer.

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